Student Insurance Information

Medicine Hat Public School Division is pleased to provide basic Student Accident Insurance for eligible students. Additional insurance plans are available for more comprehensive coverage. As well, insurance plans are available for those engaged in international travel or are foreign students enrolled in Medicine Hat Public School Division. 

Student Accident Insurance - Provided by School Division

Eligible full-time students in Medicine Hat Public School Division are automatically covered under the basic student accident insurance at no cost to parents. International and foreign exchange students are not eligible for this program. All eligible students are covered for injuries sustained while attending classes, plus during school sanctioned trips and activities. Evenings, weekends and holidays are excluded, except in the event of a school activity. For complete coverage details, please refer to the links below.
Blanket Student Accident Insurance Plan Summary
Standard Claim Form

Optional Student Accident Insurance - Parent Purchased

Medicine Hat Public School Division gives parents the option to purchase a more comprehensive accident insurance coverage that provides coverage 24 hours per day at an affordable price. This program is entirely voluntary. For more details or to purchase a plan, please visit or call 1-833-560-0527 (toll free). 

International Travel Insurance for Students & Chaperones

Medicine Hat Public School Division has purchased insurance coverage for school groups travelling internationally. The coverage includes medical, trip cancellation/interruption and baggage. All STUDENTS and CHAPERONES are required to obtain the School Division Travel Insurance. For complete coverage details and the fee schedule, please refer to the links below.
- Division Insurance Requirements for International School Trips
USIC Travel Insurance Benefit Summary
USIC Travel Insurance Plan
USIC Travel Insurance - Emergency Medical Claim Form
USIC Travel Insurance - Baggage Claim Form

Foreign Student Insurance - International Students

This insurance covers medical expenses from sickness or injury, and losses arising from sudden and unforeseen circumstances. Coverage is subject to certain limitations and excursions, which are explained in the policy. For complete eligibility and coverage details, please refer to the links below.
Ingle International Student Health Insurance - Comprehensive Plan
Ingle Claim Form
Student Assistance Program - A Resource for International Students