MHPSD's Edwin Parr Nominee - Dalyce Mumma

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Dalyce is a teacher who builds and fosters relationships, speaking calmly and respectfully. She communicates effectively, listening and reflecting on the feedback she collects from students, parents, and colleagues. She also takes the time to get to know her students by learning about their interests and strengths, as well as their goal areas for improvement. Dalyce collaborates with her colleagues, administration, and service providers both during the school day and outside school hours. It has been a priority for her to build working relationships with school-based mental health support workers to ensure a whole-child educational approach. Possessing a flexible approach, she is a committed team member who is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of students in her care.

Her term plans and daily lesson plans are thoughtfully developed to meet the varied learner needs in her grade 6 classroom. Miss Mumma implements varied strategies to meet the needs of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner preferences.  She also provides opportunities for students to work independently, with partners, and in groups. Dalyce effectively leads large group conversations, implements hands-on activities, and students reflect on their learning and utilize technology daily.  Miss Mumma has also established a Google Classroom that enhances classroom communication and includes valuable learning resources.

Dalyce has established a positive, safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environment for her students. She sets the tone by modeling respectful and positive communication with students, parents, and colleagues. Dalyce has also carefully considered classroom design elements, including posting visual agendas, the development of a calming corner, and break-out spaces.  She is fair and consistent in her classroom management approach, and students feel safe to share their thinking with others. It is important to her to take the time to recognize positive student behavior, effective citizenship, and student growth through praise and formal classroom celebrations. Dalyce has co-created an Individual Support Plan (ISP) with the school-based team, and gathered student and parent input. She considers this a “living document” and differentiates instruction, assessment, and reporting accordingly.

Miss Mumma implements community circle conversations to support an inclusive classroom and recognize the Indigenous tradition. Dalyce has also shared with me a description of the instructional resources she utilized during the week of September 27 – October 1, 2021.  At this time, our school collectively recognized the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day. The selection of literature and media sources Miss Mumma incorporated into her lessons were age-appropriate and supported the students’ understanding of residential schools and their legacy. During an observed Health lesson, she posed reflective questions to her students that determined the design of a beaded bracelet. The resulting bracelets reflected her students’ individual and collective identities.  Dalyce concluded the lesson with a discussion about the value of collective identity within the Indigenous culture.

Dalyce forms relationships with students and staff throughout the school through her participation on different committees, such as the Crestwood Staff Lighthouse Committee. As a committee member, Dalyce shared responsibility for creating a virtual Remembrance Day Assembly. More specifically, she co led the development of a video that included every class throughout the school reciting a line from Flander’s Fields. The video was well done and contributed to the special event. Dalyce’s leadership with MHPSD’s numeracy committee promotes the collective capacity of the staff to implement best practices. 

Dalyce is a warm, kind and loving teacher who is all in for kids.