2022 OurSchool Survey

event Published 2022-03-18T21:00:00.000Z

Teachers, parents and students at MHPSD will be participating in an online school survey called the OurSchool Survey, developed by The Learning Bar Inc. The survey starts on April 4, 2022. 

We are gathering feedback from students, parents and teachers on questions connected to more than the Alberta Education Assurance Survey created by Alberta Education. Completing this survey will assist in highlighting priorities, celebrations and opportunities for growth at each of our schools. It will also support the division in planning and understanding the contexts of each school.  

About OurSchool Survey:

  • The results are not intended to assess teacher performance in anyway
  • Results are anonymous: login credentials are randomly generated, and answers cannot be linked back to individual participants
  • The survey is voluntary; however we encourage participation, giving families the opportunity to contribute to school improvement initiatives
  • The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and must be finished in one session

The research based questions are grouped to assess eight drivers of student learning and four dimensions of classroom and school practice.  For more information about the OurSchool Survey, please visit The Learning Bar’s website: www.thelearningbar.com  We appreciate the time and commitment it takes to complete the survey. This type of evidence supports the importance of reflecting and considering our collective and individual work in supporting our students learning in MHPSD. 

Teachers and students will complete the survey during school hours. 

A link to complete the OurSchool Parent Survey will be sent via email through school communications

. If parents have children attending multiple schools, they will have an opportunity to complete the survey for each. The deadline to complete and submit the survey is April 29, 2022.