2022-2023 School Year Calendar

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2022-2023 School Year Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the first day of school prior to Labour Day weekend?

Depending on where Labour Day lands, it is challenging to start after it, as we work to balance instructional days between high school semesters and have to build in enough instructional hours. If we had chosen to start after Labour Day in 2022 and still include all of the breaks on the calendar, then we would have had to place the last day of school after the long weekend in July 2023. 

Why did you choose to extend the winter break further into January?

Staff and family feedback showed us that the majority would like the winter break to extend further into January as opposed to having more days off before Dec 25.

Why did you choose to include a November Break again?

Feedback we received indicated that the November break was appreciated as it is close to the middle of the semester. Distributing breaks throughout the year has made a positive impact on our staff wellness as well as student learning.

Why didn't you include Sept 30 as a day off for students?

The Board requested guidance from a Blackfoot Elder. Elder, Charlie Fox from Kainai Nation joined the Board to discuss how we can meaningfully plan for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept 30, 2022. As a residential school survivor, he shared his historical and cultural perspective, answered questions and participated in thoughtful conversation about the best approach to honour our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation. “Our culture is based on kindness, love and sharing, developing relationships and great honour for our leaders and warriors,” said Charlie. Having students connect in person on Sept 30 to hear important messages about reconciliation will allow them to share stories and hear about the beautiful and rich aspects of the First Nations, Métis & Inuit culture.

The Sept 30 statutory holiday will be recognized for staff as a day off on Nov 10, 2022.

What was the engagement process for gathering feedback on the calendar?

It has been our practice to send the DRAFT calendar out for review to division council of school councils committee, coordinating committee, administrators' meetings, teacher's voice and to the board. Feedback from these engagement sessions help us to make important changes to the calendar. 

What are the priorities that guide calendar development?

Our priority is to do what is best for our staff and to provide quality educational opportunities to students. We consider the following factors when developing our calendar:

  • Instructional days - in order to meet the educational needs of the students we serve.
  • Instructional hours for high school
  • Coordination with sister jurisdictions - This is the closest we have ever to come to aligning with the Catholic Board of Education.
  • PAT and diploma examination schedules (set by the Alberta Education) - We can't choose these dates and have to balance our break around this schedule.
  • Wellness of students and staff - distributing breaks throughout the year has made a positive impact on our staff wellness as well as student learning.

Why isnt May long a 4 day weekend with a PD day on Friday?

There is a provincial general election on Monday May 29, 2023 and the government would like to use school spaces for voting stations. With the safety and security of of students and staff at the forefront, a non instructional day (PD Day) has been requested for Monday May 29. This will allow for the use of schools as polling places, while alleviating the concerns about voting occuring while students are on site.