French Immersion

French immersion is a Canadian-made educational program in which a child, whose first language is not French, studies in French. Research shows that French Immersion is the most effective way for a child to become functionally bilingual. French Immersion in Alberta is the delivery of the curriculum guidelines using French as the language of instruction. Children may enter the program in Kindergarten or Grade One and transfer in from another immersion program at any time. When making educational choices for their children, more and more parents are recognizing that knowing a second language is an important skill in today’s academic and business world – and will be even more important in their children’s future. Consider the many advantages of this amazing program. Studies have shown that children learn second languages much easier than adults. Children benefit from learning two languages- their thinking and reasoning skills improve and English skills are enhanced. Students graduate from French Immersion programs with a high level of proficiency in French and English and an increased sense of confidence and independence.

French Immersion

Grade Levels

K-6 École Connaught School: Connaught 7-12 Crescent Heights High School: École Secondaire Crescent Heights


Students are able to register in French Immersion in Kindergarten or Grade 1. If you are new to Medicine Hat and your child/children have attended French Immersion elsewhere, please register at the appropriate grade level. Registration begins annually in February , please contact the school to register. Alternatively, registration can be done directly at either school.


Busing is available throughout the city for French Immersion students. Please check the school bus route maps.

Bus Route Maps

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