Baseball Institute

Dr Roy Wilson Learning Centre

The objective of the WLC Baseball Institute (BI) is to engage students in education through the use of sport and exercise science. Students will have the opportunity to develop as athletes through on field activities, physical training, mental training, and exercise. Being involved in athletics can positively impact a student's academic performance, improve social skills, provide confidence, develop time management skills, improve health and many other notable benefits. We aim to offer students a platform to achieve success through the combination of sports and academics. While allowing students to explore their athletic interest and follow the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development Model, we are able to guide them through cross curricular development in the framework of exercise science (anatomy, physiology and kinesiology), physical therapy, health & nutrition and career development. While preference will be given to players with baseball experience, the class is open to every student at WLC who has an interest in the sport. Students need to be enrolled at Dr Roy Wilson Learning Centre in September 2019 in order to be eligible to participate in the BI in February 2020. Softball players who want to improve their game and develop their skills are welcome to be part of the program. The BI will run from February to June, in partnership with Medicine Hat High School, and Coach Lyall Foran. When weather permits BI students will be on the diamond working on sport specific skills, while developing strength and speed training, at MHHS, Temple Fitness and other alternative spaces in an effort to promote whole athlete development.


Questions about registration can be directed to: Dr Roy Wilson Learning Centre - Vice Principal Warren Buckler


To build personal, athletic and academic excellence through the love of baseball.


Create a fun, challenging and competitive atmosphere where dedicated students will enhance their skills and build confidence in baseball.

Guiding Principles

• Excellence in discipline • Sportsmanship • Respect • Integrity